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House and Property History Files
Plainfield, Indiana

Much like your family history, you can also research your house’s history. Use this page to view the histories of houses and landmark properties around town, or stop by the Indiana Room for help researching the history of your own house or property!

Landmark Buildings
  • Prewitt Theater

    Photographs, documents

  • Interurban Depot

    Photographs, history, documents

  • Thomas H. Little House

    Photos, floor plans, documents

Center Street
  • 270 N. Center Street

    Photos, title abstract,

  • 139 N. Center Street

    Portraits of owners, pictures of house

Mill Street
  • 303 S. Mill Street

Main Street
  • 645 East Main Street

    Pictures, newspaper articles, portraits

  • 232 E. Main Street

    photographs, Sanborn Fire maps

  • 411 East Main Street

    portraits of property owners, pictures of house, documents, maps

Krewson Street
  • 220 Krewson

    Photographs, deed records, maps

Vine Street
  • 135 N. Vine Street

    Portraits of house owners, pictures of the house, maps

South Street
  • 105 and 107 W. South Street

    Pictures of the house, maps

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