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645 E. Main Street (Hobbs)
Plainfield, Indiana

The Cyrus May Hobbs house is located at 645 E. Main Street. Cyrus May Hobbs established Hobbs and Sons Nursery, the state’s largest, and became one of the country’s leading horticulturists.

Per Carrie Hobbs (daughter of C.M. Hobbs) in a note to Mrs. Cohen on January 2, 1971 [Acid Free Box 63], the house was started on June 21, 1921. Designed and built by the Burns Realty Company of Indianapolis, it replaced a smaller house that was torn down at the same location.

In the mid 1950s the Hobbs family sold it to George Craig, who was governor of Indiana from 1953-1957. Following Mr. and Mrs. Craig’s tenure, ownership passed to Irving Cohen, a physician who by 1959 was operating his office out of the house. Dr. Cohen retired in 1990 and passed away in 2002.

645 E. Main (Hobbs) home, 1980
Undated photograph of Hobbs family home.
Undated photograph
Hobbs Christmas card, undated
Dr. Irving Cohen purchased the house in 1958 and practiced medicine on site until his retirement in 19??
CM Hobbs, undated
Newspaper Articles
Plainfield Messenger article on the purchase of the Hobbs house by Governor George Craig in 1956.
Plainfield Messenger article from 1921 on the Hobbs family's new house.
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