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Mind of a Craft Program Planner

Mind of a Craft Program Planner

We’re planning fall programs during this very busy summer!

Here’s a look at program planning, from inside my head, mine – I can’t speak for anyone else.

  1. First, set a date and decide who the program will be for. This one will be on a Wednesday at 10:00, so I’ll plan for toddlers and preschoolers, mostly, but there will likely be a wide age range of kids who attend with their grownups. So, not too hard but not babyish.
  2. Next, pick a book. Turtle Time by Sandol Stoddard is a picture book I like, a good readaloud for a group, about a girl who learns to slow down because her ideas of how to play with a turtle make her turtle retreat. It’s a bedtime story, but mostly about slowing down, so that’s okay.
  3. Find a project. I found this idea on Pinterest a while ago and put it on my board of ideas for 2018. It looks like the rare project that I want to do pretty much as suggested. Although there’s no way glitter will be involved! (There will be glitter on these crowns – just a bit! Glitter lingers in the Children’s Room forever.)
  4. Make a sample turtle , so I can put a picture in the event calendar. Here’s where I have to slow down a bit myself, and try to picture how this will work best with the age group. I decide to use goofy eye stickers instead of googly eyes because the tissue paper gluing will already take a bit of time for the kids. My first try is a small light paper plate, but it’s hard to glue on, even on the uncoated back, because the plate keeps smashing down. A strong paper plate is much better, and with the rim cut off, it looks more like a turtle shell.
  5. Take a photo with a neutral background, then email the turtle photo to myself.
  6. Upload the picture to the library web site to get a URL so I can use the picture. The goofy eye sticker still looks odd. Oh, it’s upside down? If the eyes are right-side up, the glasses are upside down. Huh. That’s goofy, all right, but looks better with the eye part right.
  7. Take another picture with the eyes turned over, this time on the green lid of a bin. Email and upload again.
  8. Add the program on e*vents with the photo.
  9. Since the supplies are out to make the sample, set aside the sample, some goofy eye stickers, paper plates, the pattern for the head/legs/tail, and tissue squares into a bin and put it on top of the desk to wait for October. See you then…
Changing my mind about the which plate to use

My first try, on a flexible plate is frustrating. Try again!


sample turtle project with the eyes upside down

Wait, are those eyes upside down??


the turtle project sample

The final sample project is okay.


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