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Hoosier Connections

Hoosier Connections

So many books today seem to take place in either California or Washington, D.C. And their authors all seem to be from New York. And while we love these books, well, sometimes we just want something a little more familiar. Perhaps a different location, or an author who grew up somewhere other than the East Coast. If this sounds like you, then you’ll enjoy this display which features a variety of reads with Hoosier connections.  Maybe one will have what you are looking for.

When people think of Indiana, they don’t automatically think “literary giant”. However…did you know that Indiana native Booth Tarkington won not just one, but THREE Pulitzer Prizes for his literary works? Or that Indiana University has an award-winning Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program? And don’t forget about the Kurt Vonnegut Museum!

These books all have various connections to Indiana. Some are about Indiana history and culture. Others take place in Indiana. Others still are written by proud Hoosiers. A few even have a combination of these. Whichever of these books you choose, you are in for a literary treat.


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