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illimatA Chance Meeting

A secret society met recently at the library, by coincidence on the same night and time as Open Game Night. Called the Society of Luminaries, this small, card-driven cohort gathered in one of the Library’s meeting rooms to play their peculiar game called Illimat.


Illimat is a striking card game of sowing, stockpiling and harvesting. Reminiscent of Hearts, Casino, and other trick-taking card games, Illimat adds special tarot-style Luminaries and ever-changing seasons to keep players thinking and re-thinking their strategies.

Players earn points by harvesting the most cards, with bonuses and penalities for harvesting certain suits.  Additional points are given for winning Okus tokens and Luminaries after clearing one of the board’s four fields.

The Society graciously left a copy of this game at the Library, which we’ve added to our game collection. Check it out, play a game or two, and see if you’d like to join the Society of Luminaries.

Perhaps the Society will join us again at our next Open Game Night, October 2 at 6 p.m. Join us to play a new game or two, and to meet new people!

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